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Exploring Different Voucher Code White Label Systems: From Coupon Feeds of Affiliate Networks to Fully Co-Hosted Solution Providers

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Voucher Code White Label systems are the modern-day solution to keeping up with consumer markets’ growth in the age of technology. To further understand the purpose behind each system and their specific benefits, focus on the categorization of roles and the individual companies who fit in each category. Before highlighting a company, it is essential to understand these three key terms that define them:


Affiliate Network:


An affiliate network is a group, or network, of companies that act as an intermediary between publishers and branded companies. This network allows publishers to find the right partnerships to generate new forms of revenue while enabling companies to promote their products and reach larger audiences based on commission. Affiliate networks support affiliate marketing; earnings are dependent on performance results for all parties. That is why some refer to affiliate marketing as “performance marketing.”


For example, CJ Affiliate helps advertisers expand the reach of their brand, and publishers partner with the best-known brands in the world through affiliate networking. This company thrives on instilling sustainable growth for its clients through its affiliate marketing network design that is both the largest and most established in the world.


Coupon Feed:


A coupon feed is a solution for companies who choose to promote multiple coupon codes. It provides an automated method to retrieve and update promotions.

One example is Coupilia, a coupon feed automation service company based out of Dallas, Texas. This tool supplies an automated JSON/XML coupon feed for companies in affiliate networks. Coupilia has assisted in distributing promotional data and Voucher Code White Labels to publishers for over 10,000 merchants.


Fully Co-Hosted Solution:


Companies that offer fully co-hosted solutions provide a service that touches all areas of Commerce Content. These single PubTech platforms reach and include all parties: advertisers, publishers, and consumers. In simple terms, companies with fully co-hosted solutions offer an all-in-one e-commerce solution that makes managing simple.


Global Savings Group is one of those companies and provides all exclusive co-hosted solutions. This German-based company is the largest platform for Commerce Content outside of the United States. Webgears Group is another company that offers a complete Commerce Content solution. They focus on connecting large audiences of consumers with reliable and informative content to trusted publisher brands on their partner network. The company adds value to affiliate sites by maximizing the shopping experience.

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